The WOW Connection

A Word About Women
Women are valuable and loved deeply by God. They are also relational. This means that meeting, talking and building relationships is very important to them. This need can be met through having a Women’s Ministry in your church. It can change lives for the glory of God, and at the same time build attendance and assist the Pastor in visiting and caring for his congregation.

Why have a Women’s Ministry?
• To lead women to an understanding of Christ’s love and salvation
• To equip women to minister to  others
• To help women discover and use their spiritual gifts to benefit and serve the local church
• To share Christ with those who don’t know Him and to disciple those who do

What WOW IS and is NOT.
WOW is FREE. There is no cost involved at all
WOW is to strengthen the women in each INDIVIDUAL church – not to take women from other churches
WOW is designed to give women a leadership role under the guidance of their Pastor

WOW is NOT designed to take women from other churches
WOW is NOT a denomination.  WOW works well in any Women's Ministry

The WOW Connection
WOW will help your women to be:
• Confident in His Calling
• Compassionately reaching out to others
• Courageous in adversity
• Consistently bearing fruit
• Connected spiritually with other women

The WOW Cause
A Christ-centered Women’s Ministry can:
• Provide an atmosphere for godly counsel, spiritual enrichment, and physical help in times of need
• Helps women recognize the importance of knowing the Word of God and spending time in prayer
• Teach women how to disciple other believers and to give counsel from the Word of God

Creating a WOW Chapter
Step 1. PRAY!  WOW is founded on prayer and operates by faith, through prayer
Step 2. God will show you the women in your church who have the spiritual gifts needed to form the WOW Team  

WOW’s Core
The Leadership Team
Step 3. Select and appoint a Leadership Team member for each of the positions below.   Go over their duties with them. If only one person is in charge, the ministry will never grow any larger than the burden one person can carry. The WOW Leadership Team will administrate the Women's Ministry together using the structure of multiplication. This builds a stable

• Provides a place for accountability in ministry responsibilities
• Develops a strong leadership base and Involves many women in ministry
• Creates a leadership style that will not depend solely upon one person

The Leadership Team
Team Director
• Leads Ministry Team and trains and disciples Leaders
• Reports directly to the Pastor
• Schedules monthly meeting of Team leaders, provides agenda, and reports back to the Pastor
• Needs the gift of administration and delegation

Bible Study Coordinator
• Submits studies to Pastor and Team for approval
• Finds and trains Bible Study teachers
• Determines the day, time and place for the weekly study
• Have two studies going on one day. One study for beginners and one study for mature Christians
• Begin meeting with all meeting together for singing and a devotional.  The separate into the Bible Study Classes

Encouragement Coordinator
• Women’s Counseling Ministry. She counsels and trains others to counsel other women
• Mentoring Ministry. She asks mature ladies to help younger sisters who need spiritual help  
• Needs the gift of encouragement

Service Coordinator
• Leads ladies visitation program.  She organizes a visitation team to visit others as needed
• Arranges for meals for the sick
• Forms a prayer ministry for the women to pray for each other’s needs
• Oversees a prayer meeting the first Friday night of every month.   All WOW women will be praying globally at that time
• Needs the gift of service

Publications/Registration Coordinator
• Oversees the planning and production of printed materials
• Tracks the budget and reports on it monthly
• Oversees any registration for events
• Needs the gift of being able to take care of details

Music Coordinator
• Obtains musicians for worship and special music
• Selects the music for events
• Needs the gift of music. She will need to be able to sing and lead singing, and direct choir.

Events Coordinator
•  Forms a committee to organize monthly activities & fellowship times.  Don’t be afraid to try new things

Step 4. After you have appointed your team members and gone over their duties, it’s time to
introduce WOW to your women

  1. Begin with a Girls Night out. Bring your women together for fun activities so they can get to know one another better  

• Ask a few women to give testimonies on how they came to know Christ or have a devotional   
• Ask someone to a game.
• Continue to have a Girls Night out once every month. Be sure and invite the young women too

Step 5. After appointing the Leadership Team Register your WOW Chapter at  

Step 6. When you have several churches participating, meet together and plan an annual event called a Celebrate Jesus Festival!

Steps to Planning a Celebrate Jesus Festival

Everything about WOW is FREE
We only ask of you 2 things to help serve you better

  1. Please register your chapter so that we can send materials and information to you
  2. Please send a monthly update, and some pictures so that we can put them on our website to show the world how proud we are of you!

If you need assistance at any time email the WOW Founder, Marilyn Orton

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