Planning With Purpose
Planning an event can take a lot of time, so it is important to know why we are doing it and what we hope to 
accomplish through it.

A Good Plan Has an Experienced Person in Charge
The Special Events Coordinator is key to everything. They must have proven leadership abilities and be able to delegate responsibilities. They should also have the discipline to see that everyone does what they are delegated to do.

These are just an idea of how different women will bring different treasures to your team. There are women that have combinations of these gifts. Be sure to have a team of diverse gifts and ages.

F.Y.I. - As you plan your special events, don't be discouraged when problems arise - they're inevitable! Trust God to help you through, and He will honor the time and effort that you spend in building events to further His kingdom.

Cleanup: Make sure that whatever facilities you use are properly picked up after you use the room. Leave it the way you found it... or cleaner. It is a great idea to gather some volunteers to help with cleanup before the event. Many hands make light work and it is a lot of fun to hear what the others thought about the event.

A Good Plan Has an Opportunity for Ongoing Bible Study

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