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They Have No Wine!

The scene was set in a little town in Galilee called Cana. A wedding was underway and as tradition would have it in the Middle East, this festivity would go on for days depending on the size of one's pocket. John 2, tells us that Mary was there, (Jesus' Mother), this implies close friendship or that they were family. Jesus and His followers were also invited. It took them three days to get to Cana. Celebrations were in full swing until it was discovered that the party had run out of wine. This was a huge setback, it evoked panic and the far reaching consequences of such embarrassment meant that the bridal couple could have been sued for breach of hospitality.

Hospitality in the East was a sacred duty and to run out of provisions would have brought terrible shame to the hosts of the wedding. But Jesus was there! Just His presence meant that His Grace availed. It meant that total disaster could be averted. There was hope, there was a chance, there was Mary although flustered and troubled, she approached Jesus, "They have no wine", she said. If ever anyone had the propensity to do anything about it - it was Jesus! Mary sought Jesus as her first and only option. I love her faith - her audacious, undaunted and gutsy faith. This was no ordinary 'mother-son banter', this was serious stuff. You have to also love Jesus' response, "Woman what have I to do with thee, my hour has not yet come!" The word 'woman' must not be seen in the derogatory sense, Jesus meant this with affection and respect - it was about timing and Jesus knew well in advance that His first miracle was going to manifest at this wedding. This was Jesus' moment, His epiphany, Jesus revealed, the beginning of His public ministry.

"Do whatever He tells you to", Mary instructed the servants. Mary's faith activated Jesus into miracle propulsion mode. Mary was so resolute and confident that Jesus would pull this off that it had a flow on effect on the servants, who probably at this point must have looked as baffled and bewildered as they could ever be under the circumstances. Scripture says there were six water pots of stone nearby. These water pots were for the cleansing of the guests as they arrived, (A Jewish tradition) I love the thought that Jesus sought vessels through which to perform miracles. He creates capacity and He fills. Each jar could hold 20-30 gallons of water. Jesus instructed them to fill it to the brim. It must have taken some special creativity for the servants to fill these jars but they did. More significantly by using water pots meant for 'religious activity', Jesus turned them into the joy of exquisite fine wine! Grace always dethrones the law! This was a hands on miracle, a behind the scenes team effort starring Mary, the servants and Jesus, (all unfolding unbeknownst to the wedding guests.) Faith triggered, faith ignited, faith in action in the face of a crisis.

"Now draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet", Jesus instructed the servants. Jesus turned water into wine, fine exquisite wine! It usually takes several processes to produce quality wine, the stages of (harvesting, crushing and pressing, fermentation, clarification, ageing and bottling) - but Jesus generates it on the spot! A staggering reminder of what He is able to do. If He can turn water into wine, you have to believe that He can do the impossible for you in whatever crisis you may be in. What was stolen from you, the missed opportunities, the lost years, He is able to restore many fold over. It's your faith in Him that will make you whole, that will rescue you from all your foes that will sustain you and take you to the heights. He is an extravagant, 'no holds barred', able to do infinitely over and above whatever you imagine GOD! Jesus saved the day, He produced the finest wine, restored Mary's grin, had the servants in a spin, the banquet host drink to his heart's content and His disciples' faith firmly rooted. Where Jesus is there is fullness of joy, there's liberty and surely life evermore.

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