The Worth of a Woman Bible Study 12
God Speaks to You

Today, are you sensing God speaking to you?   God speaks all the time!   If you are not aware of this, then consider these different ways that He does speak to you:

1.  Circumstances  - God is speaking to you in your circumstances right now.  Maybe your circumstances are very painful, difficult and seemingly impossible.. God knows all about it, talk to Him and listen for His response.

2.  Counsel  - God can speak to you through Godly counsel.  Much can be gained through those who give wise counsel.

3.  Peace   - God can speak peace into your troubled life.  Col. 3:15 “Let the peace of God rule in your hearts..and be thankful.”

4.  People   - God speaks through prophets or ordinary people.  You can be talking just an ordinary conversation and someone will unknowingly say the very thing God has earlier pointed out to you..that’s God speaking through that person.  They don’t realize it, but you do instantly!  God uses people to speak truth into your life.  Acts 21:10-11 The prophet Agabus took Paul’s belt and bound his hands and feet and said, “Thus saith the Holy Spirit, so shall the Jews at Jerusalem bind the man who own this belt and deliver him into the hands of the Gentiles.”  God didn’t speak to Paul but the Holy Spirit revealed it to His prophet to let Paul know.  God still has prophets today who speak as the Holy Spirit leads them.

5.  Dreams and Visions  - Solomon, Peter and Joseph and many others had dreams and visions.  Joseph had two dreams (Genesis 37:5).   He foolishly repeated the first one to his brothers, causing them to hate him; the second one caused his father to rebuke him.  It would seem that he bragged and did this in a prideful manner.  God never gave him another dream!  Ever!  However, after years of discipline, God gave him the ability to interpret dreams (how gracious is our God)!  He used the very thing that brought Joseph to near destruction to catapult him to a position of  power and command in all the land of Egypt...second only to the King.  Women, God will forgive you when you truly repent.  The Living Bible tells us, “He’s so pleased when we finally get it right!”  If Joseph had quit because he blew it, He would never been a Ruler in Egypt.  God always has something new for you, women, when you want to please Him!  Be receptive to whatever dream He puts in your heart.

6.  Thoughts  - Amos 4:13 “He declares to man what his thought is...The Lord of Hosts is His name.”  He who forms mountains (Mountain Shaper); creates the winds (Wind Maker) ; the One who makes the morning darkness; Who treads the high places of the earth” declares our thoughts!  How awesome is that?!!

7.  Natural and Supernatural Manifestations  - God speaks to you through the wind, thunder, storms, clouds, rain, snow, blizzards, lightening as well as the stars and sun that shines so brightly.  God speaks through these, women, as well as the storms and disasters we experience...including our countless blessings.  God’s voice rings throughout our land, are we listening?  

He still speaks today through supernatural manifestations just as he spoke supernaturally to Paul on the Road to Damascus; Moses from the burning bush; Abraham as he raised the knife to slay his only son!  God supernaturally intervenes in your life today, rescuing you from accidents, touching/healing your bodies, sparing you from all sorts of disasters and destruction in finances. etc..  There is no other explanation sometimes except the fact “The Lord rescued you!”  Message Bible Psalms 91:2 “That’s right–He rescues you from hidden traps, shields you from deadly hazards.”  His rescue operation is sometimes natural, and sometimes, supernatural!  We just need to realize it is God ‘s manifestations

8.  Bible  - God speaks loud and clear in His Word.  Read it expecting Him to speak to your heart.  It is God’s message for your life.  There is nothing you will experience that He has not; it is your roadmap for life now and hereafter.

9.  Whispers   - God whispers in that still small voice.  We’re wanting Him to shout; rarely does that happen.  1 Kings 19:11  God wasn’t in the wind, in the earthquake or the fire, but He was “in a still small voice.”  God was in all of them but not for Elijah.  That’s what we have to learn, women, is to discern ..what is God saying to me?  God speaks ALL the time, but only ears that are listening will hear.  “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.”  Revelation 2-3 tells you those words seven times in these two chapters.  Jeremiah 7:13 “I spoke to you, but you did not hear.”  God was telling Jeremiah He had spoken to His people but because of their wickedness they were not listening.   Romans 10:17 “Faith comes by hearing the Word of God.”  

Satan whispers to you too, but it’s all lies.  He’ll tell you to look at your track record.  He’ll throw in your face every fault you have, every failure.  He whispers it all to God, accuses you night and day.  When you’ve asked for forgiveness, God doesn’t know what your Enemy is   blabbing about.  When he jumps back on us, we live it out all over again!  Women, learn to listen to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit and you do that by staying each day in the Word so you learn to recognize His voice.

10.  Humility   - If there’s pride in your life, God stops speaking.  James 4:6 “God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.”  Don’t ever try to use God’s Word to make yourself look better.  Mark 4:12 “seeing they may see and not perceive, and hearing they may hear and not understand.”  Be a Woman of Worth,  a woman who seeks for what to know.  Luke 8:18 “Therefore take heed how you hear.  For whoever has to him more will be given; and whoever does not have, even what he seems to have will be taken from him.”  The Mountain Maker and Earth Shaker owns it all!  Therefore  humble yourself before the Lord God Almighty.  Open His Word and let your heart and ear hear what He right now is speaking into your spirit. (Notes taken from a sermon by Robert Morris, in part).

As The Good Shepherd speaks in your life, He will always leads you forward.  It’s not in our best interest to leave us in a comfortable place.  “The shepherd moves the fold up steep mountain slopes but it’s always for far better pasture.  If God moves us forward, it’s always for the best.  Eventually it will mean green pastures, quiet waters and mountain heights.  “He goes ahead of us.”  So whatever we encounter, His Presence has been there first.  He has already experienced anything He asks you to endure.  He already knows the path is not too difficult or strenuous for you.  Don’t be overly anxious that you can’t see too far ahead or that you don’t get to choose the path or be weighed down with responsibilities of the future.  Follow the One who leads you, one step at a time, as you listen for Him to speak.”
Streams in the Desert

“A shepherd always walks in front of his sheep.  God is in front of us.  He’s in our tomorrows and tomorrows fill us with fear.  But God is already there.  Every tomorrow of your life has already passed through Him”   F.B. Meyer

How is God speaking to you?  When we don’t hear His voice or we’re not listening, He speaks through our circumstances.  Be assured God is always speaking, we need to be attuned and be on His channel.  He speaks clearly in His Word.  Spend time with Him in it and listen with your ears but more with your heart..  “Let Him declare your thoughts” Amos 4:13.  Can’t change your thoughts?  Sure you can.  The Maker of the morning darkness and Creator of the wind will help you!
What circumstance are you experiencing right now that you sense the Lord is wanting to speak to you about?


The Mountain Shaper and the Wind Maker , the One who treads the high places of the earth declares your thoughts (Amos 4:13).  How awesome!  What repeated thought do you have that needs His input?


I Kings 19:11 God didn’t speak in the wind, fire or earthquake but “in a still small voice.”  Jeremiah 7:13 “I spoke to you but you did not hear.”   Today, are you listening?